“I level up every time God say so…” ~  Kendrick Lamar

Words to Encourage 

“Don’t feel guilty for deciding not to entertain abuse. 
Don’t feel guilty for not knowing how to leave abuse. ” ~ By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor


Father God give me peace in all things. Silence the noises both in my head and around me. Please focus my thoughts and guide me. Give me patience for my children, help me to be a better mother and woman. Guide me in making the right decisions for my children and life. Thank you for all that you are lord.

In Jesus Name,


Words to Live By

“Identify the right thing to do and plunge forward because it’s the right thing and it’s what God expects of you. Once you do that blessings will start unfolding.” ~ Gia Casey via Thee Casey Crew Podcast

Mom-spiration Cliff Notes

“It’s scary as fuck out here in this world right now, there is a lot going on and I feel like everyone should just confess; just fess up to your shit just admit your shit, just get it off your back…” ~ Marsha Ambrosius via The Breakfast Club