Rough CUT: Let there be light


I find myself sitting here with a horrible case of writer’s block
. Trying to think of something profound and poetic to say
. But I am at a loss for words
; so I ask myself “What is the essence of motivation?”
 And I draw a blank…
 Then some small voice inside says, “TRUE inspiration comes from within us. 
It is in our sinew
, it’s all around you
. From the very words you speak
, to the ground we walk on, the music we listen too
. Even the air that we breathe

If you are looking for inspiration and grappling
. Merely look inside YOURSELF
, and if that fails you or doesn’t work
. Just look at ALL that God has created
 by simply saying “LET THERE BE…”

We ALL POSSESS the POWER to do the SAME”
… Isn’t that INSPIRING?