(DISCLAIMER: This piece was written in February 2010, I apologize for the harsh language. Enjoy.)

Whether its ghetto shit or suburban shit

Rich shit, middle class or even poor shit

The smell of bullshit is really all the same

So fuck you and your expectations

See you put me on a pedestal

Aiming and claiming what you think you know

But I’ll never live to up to what you think of me

My life aint no rolls

But fuck it

I’ll roll with it

It’s filled with a million

“hello’s and good byes”

Fuck it what’s ONE more

Thank you for the time

Now it’s #WritingSeason

The pain we experience is just to test us

Lord give me clarity

To see through my mess-ups

Most times this sick addiction

Is self inflicted

I think the fall from grace

Hurt the most

So now I’m sifted

I’m high

Living fast cause I may not have long to live

I can’t even sit still long enough to gather a thought

So I dream like it’s the very first time

I’m just ordinary people

With an extraordinary purpose

The goal

Is working towards finding forever

So I’m breaking night

Just to make it to my dreams

Cause success

Is where they lead

Though my smiles are few and far between

Everything aint always what is seems

Either way “nigga’s still want that CREAM”

Really I want to inspire those that come after me

I want to change the world

And the way YOU think

We know that dreams fall apart

But it’s amazing what you can conceive

In the dark

When your sleep

Sometimes life can be so dramatized

So I just let the sky hold my thoughts

In the land of the LOST

Maybe this is the feeling before the calm

Now I’m sifted

I’m high

Some even call me quite gifted

Now listen

There is no wrinkle in time

Much less in today

Eternity is in 60 seconds

So dream as if you’ll live forever

Live as if you’ll die today

First time Mom Insomnia Part 1 & 1/2: Confessions of the Sleep Deprived

It’s 4:30 am Saturday morning and I’m awake. Everybody is nestled peacefully. The boys may let out a groan because their pacifiers have fallen out but once I re-insert they are quickly comforted.
Have you ever had those moments when your mind just races; and it may seem for no apparent reason?
You don’t have one clear thought you can truly pin-point that might be keeping you awake. Well that’s me right now. Victim to my own thoughts and fears. Then your man wakes up from the light of your phone looks at you shakes his head and rolls back over. Well good morning honey! Closes phone to try to snuggle.