(Disclaimer: This poem was written a long time ago…but what is so amazing is now I have HIM!)

I want mind blowing sex that defies description

I just want to experience a love affair

Soft smell, light airy but still recognizable like lilac

A handsome, tall dark, athletic renaissance black man

Who can hang a suit

And is not afraid to exhaust the possibilities of love making with his knowledge

Even after all of our logic and theory

Our bodies still exist out of time

Out of space


Anything can happen

But with him

Past lovers are a dream

They never existed

When he walks into the room

He illuminates it

And I just want some of your sun kiss

The warmth of your body

The curve of your lips

The energy from your finger tips

I want mind blowing

Sex that defies the law of gravity

Soft smell, light airy

But still recognizable like a summer’s eve

Fireflies and sweet


Anything can happen

Out of space out of time

I now have…


Dedicated to MDF#1