Niv’s Notables: “Party People”

Did you know that movie directors shoot the end of a movie first? They have to know how the story will end first; surprisingly that process is no different from God. The Bible says that we are predestined and he has fashioned our days. Which means he knows every detail of our script. A couple of years a go I threw a surprise birthday party for my friend. I took the time to plan out her day in detail without her knowledge. I was so excited to see her reaction when she heard us yell “SURPRISE!”

This how God feels about you everyday. Everyday he plans out every single, indepth detail of your day, and he’s waiting with anticipation to yell “SURPRISE!” I love God for this, but what is so dope about him, is he will throw this party with your enemies all in attendance. Please understand that God has every intention on blessing you. You just have to play your role. Show up in life every day and follow his direction. He’s the best director you can have. I’ve read that his work is award winning.┬áParty with God, Rock out with him. After all everybody loves a good party.

I’ll Holla