Label ME

Lately, I have had this daunting

“Who AM I?” feeling

Without thought I begin listing and rattling off the many titles that I hold:

Mother, Girlfriend, Perspective Wife, Friend, Daughter, Niece, Sister, Cousin, Co-worker, College Graduate, Producer, Poet (gasp for breathe) and the list goes ON…

Only to realize that these words are mere classifications and roles that I posses

But what really defines “ME?”

Who AM I? and MOST importantly…

WHO do I WANT TO BE? (That is the question:)

As people why do we live our lives under so many labels?

All of which fail, in properly explaining the essence of who we really are

But the words that define ME?

Everything pales in-comparison of who I truly am

Whose that exactly?

Get back to me on that; the patient is still pending but until then