Niv’s Notables: “CAKE”

Someone asked me “how do I know that God will provide for me in my lowest hour? My response was because I know what cake taste like. Of course their reaction was one of bewilderment. But think about it if you were to eat flour, eggs and butter by themselves you find out that they are nasty and they are hard to digest; much like some of our experiences in life. The betrayals, heartbreak and hurt by themselves are hard to swallow. But God in his infinite wisdom knows just the right amount of butter, flour and eggs to put in your cake so that it taste good. You cant skip experiences in life. You need all the ingredients. Cake without flour is not cake. It is the enemy’s job to rob you of your taste buds. Where your faith comes in, is allowing yourself to maintain your sweet tooth. Because just like life the ingredients of cake by themselves are bitter to taste. But when you put them together they taste Mmmm mmmm GOOD. Remember, “all things work together for YOUR good” when you love him. So in the words of Rihanna “CAKE CAKE CAKE”…

I’ll Holla

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