Where the Wild Things Go

This is the moment I realize that I am perfectly imperfect

When I was younger I was fearless

I knew what I wanted and my dreams were clear

Now I feel like I am starting over

A year ago I was 24 and pregnant

Scared out of my mind, unhappy and overly emotional

Lost without a guide

Dreams unfulfilled; but I am not allowed

To say that aloud because it sounds selfish and the world will judge me…go ahead

Only God knows my heart and I find comfort in him

Because Christ’s given me salvation and I am greater than and delivered from the thoughts of YOU

There are no longer thoughts of just me

It’s us, them (my suns), WE

Ready made family

And they are the definition of beautiful…ALL three

Just a year ago you couldn’t even catch up with me

I was here; I was there I was unhappy, WILD & Free

Motivated by Material

The Mayhem of life was eating me up and almost spit me out

I was lost and life lacked meaning

But there was beauty in my brokenness

There are no longer thoughts of just me

It’s us, them (my suns), WE

Now I know happiness, I’ve tasted fear and witnessed LIFE

In this moment, I am redefining ME…

I guess the moral of the story

Don’t squander your gift

When you loose your way and the picture gets a little blurry

Always remember there is away to put it back in focus

Excellence honors gods and inspires men

Where the Wild Things Go