The Diary of a First time Mom of Twins: M&M’s First Flight & New England Vacay

Hey everyone! So a couple of weeks ago we (myself, my guy and our twin boys) took our first trip to Connecticut (my hometown). The process reminded me that life will NEVER be the same… Traveling back home or anywhere for that matter is no longer as easy as throwing a couple of clothes in my carry on duffle bag. Now it’s definitely a chore, I already hated packing when it was just me and now I am packing for THREE!

Anyway Friday came and it was time to head to the airport and here comes our first big question mark. How is our luggage (2 large suitcases, 2 carry ons), car seats and bases and double stroller plus all four of us going to fit in our car(s)? (Audi & Camry models) So my boyfriend dropped the boys and I at the airport along with the large suitcase I had to check, their stroller, seats and base as well as my carryon and lets not forget THE DIAPER BAG, while he went back to our house to get his luggage.

Lord it was a sight to see, this little 5’2 woman and these two little brown boys and all this stuff. I felt alone and of course my bag was like 5 or 7 pounds overweight so the curbside check in attendant was like “you have to go inside”. I forgot to stop by the ATM so I had no cash on me to pay one of the curbside assistant guys. I promise I wanted to just sit down on the curb and cry. But luckily after what seemed like eternity (which was probably more like 5-10 minutes, realistically) one guy finally came to help me after I rearranged and transferred my undergarments and other clothing to my carryon bag.

Once checked in to the flight came the next nightmare…The Security Checkpoint! I’m sure everyone knows what it’s like going through airport security since 9/11 but imagine going through security with TWO 6 month olds. It was HORRIBLE I had to breakdown the stroller/ car seats and take out everything I just rearranged earlier in order to get to my laptop out for security to run through the machine. But the most unjust aspect was when the female security guard said “ok now you have to pick them up”. Imagine the dismay on my face; all three of us, the M&M’s (my sons) and I had to go through security together. I literally carried them both on my hip through the detectors. Thus, waking Thing two who was sleeping peacefully in the process. They were great though, no fussiness or crying, the one making a spectacle of themselves was I. I swear to you I had not sweat so much since I pledged my sorority in 2009.

By the time we got to the gate the flight had been delayed TWICE. Thank God! I was sweaty, I was stinky and they (my sweet baby boys) just smiled and giggled at me.:) All in all Daddy made it on time and the boys did awesome on the airplane. I was so afraid I was going to be “the lady with THOSE CRYING BABIES” on the plane. But they are born flyers!

Our trip was beautiful we spent great time with my friends and family while visiting home! It really was a great trip. Now I am trying to get rid of this awful sunburn that got us all!

Here are some pictures of our trip to New England below. Enjoy!

20130715-144645.jpg20130715-144715.jpg20130715-144832.jpg20130715-144928.jpg20130715-145004.jpg20130715-145046.jpg20130715-145140.jpg20130715-145235.jpg20130715-145251.jpg20130715-145500.jpg20130715-145523.jpgBoys First Wings

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  1. Awwww! Love this! Glad you got those babies all packed up and organized in the airport! And now next time you won’t even break a sweat! And I loooooove this phoo of the boys with their dad at the beach!

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