The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Mom’s Laundromat Help Wanted



So I have been a mom of twin boys since January 4 and I feel like I have been washing and folding clothes that aren’t mine ever since. For example, this morning I woke up at 5:30am fed babies and proceeded to wash bottles and clothes. Every week I swear there are two baskets one full of dirty clothes and the other filled with clean clothes that need to be folded. Usually, I am good at just going ahead and folding the clean clothes but for the past two weeks I must say I’ve been boycotting. Every Friday that basket is looking at me and I am finally overthrown.
Last month the boys started eating cereal and earlier this month we started them on the purĂŠed fruits and veggies. So just imagine their clothes covered in the fruit of the week, my weekly wash load has pretty much quadrupled. This morning I had a revelation; this is what my life is going to consist of for the next 16-18 years and its only going to get worse when they start sports. Luckily, my boyfriend hasn’t required me to start washing his clothes…YET!
Help Me! I’m not mad at them, I’m mad at the damn basket:(.

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  1. Awww….At least when the boys get a little older they can help out and do chores so for the next couple of years its you and the basket but soon come soon come it will be you & the twins VS The basket. LOL

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