The Beautiful Life: Ever-Evolution


Life is filled with redefining moments. Wether it be leaving home for the first time and going off to college, dating your first serious bf, going through heartbreak/ breaking hearts along the way; Graduating or getting your first gray hairs from that job that you absolutely hate.

Nevertheless, always remember that life is intended to manifest growth. Just a year and a half ago I had a job in New York waiting for me… But God saw my plans and said “nope” and laughed very loudly in my face.

My dreams and ambitions have taken so many twists and turns and at times I am still unsure of what they are or how to get there. It is absolutely amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye. Life is “Ever-Evolution”. What is even more mind blowing is actually thriving it and proving the naysayers wrong.

Remember to love life from its beautiful flaws to its perfections! You’ll never get it again.