Live a Life of Purpose

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Within 3 months I have lost 2 loved ones to cancer. The most recent was just 25 years old. Time is so precious, and our time on earth is always much shorter than we think. That’s one reason why it’s very important to live with a purpose.

Whether it’s being great at your profession, being an amazing wife, mother, friend, or giving to those that don’t have. Live with a purpose. But also enjoy life. Every moment of sadness, anger, stress, worry, depression is a moment of happiness wasted and lost, a moment you can never get back. So, as much of a cliche as it is, I urge you to make every moment count.

Love as if hurt and heartbreak are fictional; Live today as if you might die tomorrow; express yourself as if judgement doesn’t exist. Let the ones you love know you love them; and come to terms with the ones you hate. Don’t harbor ill feelings toward anyone because I assure you those feelings are only making you ill. Forgive quickly and love freely. Open your heart and your mind because you never know what just might take you to the next level.


For Camille

Your have such a great spirit.

You inspired me in many ways, spiritually, professionally, socially.

Although we were the same age I admire you.

And we didn’t talk often, but when we did you always welcomed me with open arms.

You made me feel like I was family.

Even on my worst days you knew just how to make me smile and keep me laughing.

I pray you know I love you. I know you know that you were loved, but I pray you know I loved you.

I pray you know I appreciated our friendship. I know you know you were appreciated, but I pray you know I appreciated you.

I don’t believe God calls us home before we have lived out our purpose.

If your purpose was to continuously brighten the lives of others with your smile, charm, wit, and heart of gold, then you definitely achieved it.

If your purpose was to be successful, then you definitely achieved it.

If your purpose was to inspire others through your life, then you definitely achieved it.

Whatever your purpose was on this earth, you touched and enriched so many lives and souls while achieving it.

I think it goes without saying, but enjoy heaven, I hear its beauty is unparalleled. Love you Cami B!

Signed “Miggidy Mo”



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