The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Praying for the POOP!

My sons had to be about two months old when they first got constipated. My aunt and grandfather were visiting from Connecticut and my aunt pointed out that they had not had a bowel movement for a couple of days. Of course I begin thinking the worst “OMG my babies are sick”, “OMG I need to call the emergency nurse on duty at their pediatricians’ right now”, “O wow are my babies”! But my aunt told me just to wait it out and keep a close eye on it. Sure enough the next afternoon or evening they pooped and everything was fine again.

Nevertheless, those couple of days when they did not have a bowel movement I was so afraid that something might be wrong. I rubbed their little tummies and I prayed over them. Yes I prayed over them. “Lord, please let my babies be ok. Please make them poop, please don’t let anything be wrong.” After speaking with their pediatrician, my good friend Google and WebMD. I now know that their bowel movements were just regulating and that it was perfectly normal. No matter how weird it may sound to this day I am so glad to smell my sons poop! I take a big whiff of it; and I love it!

I am sure this post will embarrass them when they are able to read… oh well! Muah!