The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Our Trip to the Atlanta Beltline

Yesterday the boys and I visited the Atlanta Beltline, an up and coming nook in the city. I have been wanting to exercise lately and not feel like I am working out. So my original plan was to go to the Atlanta Beltline Bicycle shop rent a bike and a little rolling carrier for the boys and ride out. But of course they did not have the type of bike I needed to secure my bambinos safetly. The owner and a random woman with a glass of wine in her hand said that they just ordered a bike that fits my needs. However, it is coming in from New York and won’t be in stock until next month. So I politely said “alright we will see you all next month”, (I’ll let you know how that turns out)… Nevertheless, I decided to take the boys on a little stroll of the area while I tried to burn a little calories too. Here are just a few pics of our journey! Sorry I didn’t take more.20130826-142757.jpg





For more information on the Atlanta Beltline visit: