The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Top 5 Reasons Why trying for a little girl SCARES me.

Disclaimer for anyone who reads this: No I am not pregnant again so lets clear that on up, please pray against it at least for the next 5-8 years. Thanks!

baby girlSo everyone who sees my little family always coos over my sons and tell my boyfriend and I that we did a great job. They say “so when can we expect the little girl?” (Dramatic Pause…)

While we were out power walking in the park, one woman even go as far to say ” y’all might as well have another set of girl twins!” My face screwed up… and I thought to myself why in the HELL would I want to do that? Is something wrong with her? Sometimes I want a little girl and then reality smacks my senses back. Here are the top 5 reasons Why trying for a little girl scare the piss out of me:

1. The pre-birthing process of children is expensive- not including raising them.

I am sure I mentioned this before but having children is expensive and they are not even at the age where they can tell me “they want this or they want that”, so I can’t imagine the next phase. Anyway, the pre-birthing experience was so expensive and I am playing catch up on hospital and medical bills even as I type. Remember, I had twins so imagine the costs and expenses doubled. Plus, I had a caesarean that is major surgery and guess what…Oh yea I have to pay for that mess too. I probably won’t break even until February of 2014. #prayerfully

2. Who knew I was THIS overly fertile?

Now I am not saying I was a “loose goose” before I met my boyfriend, but I will say that I had an overall safe/ healthy romantic life. But never would I have imagined that I would get pregnant, furthermore did I think my 5’1 and a half frame could produce twins. This was and some days still causes me to go into post traumatic shock.

3. Pregnancy was not fun for me/ Having children wreck your figure.

Most people say “oh pregnancy was beautiful etc. etc.”…My pregnancy was close to what’s the word I am looking for… uh HORRIBLE. My first and the beginning of my second trimesters were filled with morning, afternoon and evening sickness. I could hardly keep anything down. It was absolutely miserable, my entire body hurt and I was always tired. In my seventh month I had to go on bed rest due to a heart arrhythmia and concerns of a possible stroke. I was beyond tired of doctors and specialists and being poked and prodded every other month and day. I looked like a heroine addict as many tracks and marks I had in my arm:(. Plus, carrying and birthing children wrecks your figure. The human body is truly an amazing muscle, but I would much rather have my pre baby body back. It wasn’t perfect but I damn sure appreciate it now as opposed to the extra skin and unwanted pounds.

4. What if I have another boy or even scarier another set of twins?

With my luck I will probably have another boy seeing as I am 2 and 0 in one shot. What is even more horrifying is, what if I get pregnant with a second set of twins…? I think I would curl up in a corner and begin to slow rock myself into crazy…

5. What if she is rude just like me?

What if God did see fit to bless me with a little mini me? She would be adorable but she would be a mini-she devil. I can definitely be a you know what sometimes. And even though I was a good kid for the most part I did have my moments of putting my mom and aunt through some unnecessary growing pains. I don’t think I want that kind of karma returned to me. I would probably hurt her and “aint nobody got time for that” #TamarVoice!

Just missed the list: “I will definitely have to get a “mom-minivan”.

That’s NOT sexy.

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