To Feed or Not to Feed? The Confusion of Solids

baby food choices

I’m starting my son on solids and I feel like it’s a game of trickery. From the pediatrician to friends of my uncle Google and even my own family, everything is contradicting and confusing. I want my little man to eat healthy, so I thought I would start him out on oatmeal cereal instead of rice. But the pediatrician told me to start on rice because the oatmeal cereal causes diarrhea. On top of that there are so many debates and opinions on whether he should start out with fruits or veggies. Then I’ve been told to start out with one food at a time and watch for reactions. Well the only reaction I’m getting is constipation.

I feel so confused, and sometimes defeated. I give him fruits, he doesn’t poop, I’m told it’s because he hasn’t eaten any green veggies. I give him green beans, and he still strains. Then there are foods that cause constipation, but these are the same foods that are recommended as firsts. And according to the “experts” he still doesn’t need water; but according to my mom he does since hes eating solid foods now. What’s the real deal?!?!?!?!???

And then I’m wondering, when do I give him solids more than once a day? How long do I test foods out one at a time? And when he gets regular meals, do I cut that out whenever he tries something new? This is hard 🙁

We’ve been trying and testing solids for about 2 weeks now and it’s a struggle. He gets the concept of eating from a spoon, and he even likes the yucky stuff like prunes. But his body likes to hold onto things. I’m still trying to find our groove with this one. Oh the struggle…