Going Natural

Natural Beauty Quote

There’s no delicate way to sugar coat this: I’m hairy. I’ve always been hairy; that’s just the way God created me to be. Arms, legs, stomach, knuckles, toes, you name it, there’s probably hair there. I will never forget my own niece asking if I was a ware wolf because I am so hairy. And for a very long time this physical feature bothered me. I was so glad when my mother let me begin shaving. It’s safe to say I went shave crazy; I wanted it all off! I shaved everything except my arms; for some reason shaving my arms seemed way too high maintenance. I mean my legs I could cover up with pants if I slacked off, but my arms I couldn’t cover as easily. But everywhere else, it had to go! I didn’t have self esteem issues. I was just caught up in main stream beauty practices, and brain washed to believe that a hairy woman equaled an ugly woman.

It wasn’t until I got to college that I began to embrace my naturally hairy body. I realized that God didn’t make a mistake nor was he punishing me. He purposely and perfectly made me different, stand out, and distinguished.

These days, I like the fact that I’m hairy. My man loves it, and I’m comfortable with it. I even went for a whole year without shaving my legs!  But I want to get to that place where I have become so comfortable with my hair that I no longer desire to shave and wax. I’m talking ALL NATURAL. Natural hair. Natural body. Natural beauty. And I want all women to get there too!

Don’t get me wrong, I like a little make up sometimes. But main stream ideals of beauty have women feeling they need makeup to be beautiful. Beauty comes from within. Beauty shouldn’t be something you put on or take off. I wish we lived in a culture where being natural was embraced and promoted and altering your body in any way, like shaving, waxing, laser removal, cosmetic surgery, even applying makeup or a spray tan, was frowned upon. Then, self-esteem issues might be erased, because we would be convinced to believe that we are perfect just the way we are.

Natural hair. Natural body. Natural face. Natural beauty.