Random Thoughts

I am not a perfect woman

Nor have I ever claimed to be

Even if that’s what you think of me

In fact, I am very flawed

I have lied, deceived and WORST of them all been naive

Perfectly imperfect or

Imperfectly perfect…?

It really depends on what I’m feeling that day

But nobody wants to know when your hurt or feeling down

We would prefer to pretend that the pain isn’t real

That it doesn’t exist and as we pretend

We begin to believe the farce

Living life on life’s terms…

Now that is the point where melee comes

Because I’ve lived struggle and I’ve seen facets of success

Poets have said to live is to struggle

I want to live but I don’t want to struggle anymore

I feel like I’ve done enough of that

I want success and I want my family happy too

Where is the silver lining?

Random thoughts of the: