The Moments

parentingThere are moments of parenting that really make all of the bad days worth it. The moments where your little one really makes you laugh from deep in your gut.The moments where you are truly amazed that this tiny person figured out for themselves something that we take for granted, like walking. The moments where your baby’s coos turn into audible words. The moments where no words are spoken but there is total understanding and connecting from you gazing into each others’ eyes.

Yes, parenting is grueling. Yes, parenting is tiring. Yes it is stressful. Yes it may be frightening. Yes at times you want to run away from this beautiful responsibility. Yes sometimes it makes you rethink your decision. Yes parenting is draining. It’s everything difficult disguised as a lovable, never-ending journey. But those tiny moments where you forget all of the pain, the inconvenience, the hardships, the stress, and even the sleepless nights, it’s those moments that make everything about parenting enjoyable.