The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Who Run This?

So my boys are 8 months old, bright eyed, long and teething. In new developments they have decided to boycott bedtime. We were doing really good, we had a routine and a schedule, it was a well oiled machine I swear and then one day my boyfriend and I were overthrown. I really don’t know what happened:(, but here is my hunch. My boyfriend began working late and by the time he got home the boys and I would be cuddled up in our bed. I have to admit… I am a co-sleeper, I have found it is the only way I know that they are sleeping and plus I get to sleep uninterrupted! But it has backfired tremendously. Now they are consciously refusing to lay in their cribs to sleep. Especially, Thing 1, he is having no parts of it he screams at the top of his lungs, stands up and rocks on the crib bars, it is horrible. Thing 2 does really put up too much of a fight he won’t lay down for long though he usually rolls to his knees to watch his brother act a fool. Then after awhile he yells because his brother is getting on his nerves or he sees his brother being calmed and he wants some attention too.  We have tried the Ferber Method to no avail. Thank God for their dads’ insomnia because he usually tends to them while I get some sleep. But then by 2 am I am up trying to comfort a child. Something’s got to give! Who really runs this?

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  1. You run it girl! They will learn how to work it out soon enough. And it’s so interesting you tried the Ferber method. I’ve always wondered if it really worked. I definitely plan on trying that.

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