2013 Launch of V Chambers by Maggie Chambers


Five Chambers, New York City based fashion company, to launch website with debut AW13 collection on October 31, 2013

New York City, October 1, 2013 – A structured tone embodies the Five Chambers AW13 collection. Unique pieces exude couture, classic and modern men’s tailoring, while juxtaposing them with innovative designs, shapes, and fabrications. The classic, couture, and modernity style stands out against palettes of onyx black, onyx black and eggshell color-blocks, rustic burgundy, oceanic navy, and heather grey.

Clean and architectural lines are the central story in this menswear collection. Acute detail is pared down to display a distinctive appeal to each piece. The AW13 collection focuses around a structured yet wearable look that will complement any modern man’s wardrobe. Asymmetrical jackets and sleek blazers demonstrate the detailed and modern tailoring featured throughout the collection. The boxy, and slim-fit tailoring present the versatile pieces with a more casual look.

About Five Chambers

Five Chambers is a New York based fashion company dedicated to spreading a positive vision for the future, by inspiring others of different lifestyles to celebrate their individuality.

The founder, Maggie Chambers, is a 23-year-old Caribbean-American designer from Pomona, NY. After graduating from Clark Atlanta University in 2011 with a BA in Fashion Design and Merchandising, Maggie immediately moved to NYC to make her dreams become reality. Five Chambers was born after only two years of Maggie’s experience of working in the fashion industry as an Assistant designer and Production Assistant.

The AW13 collection will be available for purchase on www.fivechambers.com on October 31st, 2013.

Fashion Maven

Everyone wanted to be Denise Huxtable, if they say they didn’t they are lying. From her style to her cool attitude she was a fashion icon. She even covered Rolling Stone Magazine as her alter ego “Lisa Bonet”. Oh what I would give to be the love child of Lisa and Lenny!:)

Sensual Saturdays’: Video of the Day

Today’s Sensual Saturdays’ video comes from artist Robert Glasper and Jill Scott. This video was just released for their new single “Calls.” It’s the lead song off Glasper’s upcoming album Black Radio 2, which hits stores on October 29th.

“The video starts off with Scott, dressed in ’50s attire, patiently waiting for a red stop light to change, and it never does. She leaves her car in search of Glasper, whom she finds in an art gallery playing his piano. While they are reconnecting, a mysterious wolf appears, but eventually runs away. Both Scott and Glasper stroll back to the car where we find out Glasper has the magic button to make time move on. He changes the red light and they drive off.”


Confessions of a New Mom: Mr. Mom

I confess: Sometimes I want to teach daddy how to do things with our son exactly the way mommy does them.

Mommy-ConfessionsMoms are moms, and dads are dads. And every parent has a different way they interact with their child. Even in my adult years I still find my mother interacts with me differently than my father. And the same goes with my family; daddy has a different way of doing things than mommy. Sometimes, though, I find myself wanting to give daddy a crash course in how to be me.

I get jealous when daddy does things differently and it works; and I get equally upset when daddy does things his way and it doesn’t work (which usually means now I have to do it). For example, when putting my son to sleep at night we each have our methods. For me it’s usually very short of being an all out war. I rock him, sing to him, nurse him, and when none of that works I try to let him tire himself out. By the time he finally passes out I’m wore out myself! But when daddy puts him to sleep it’s as simple as taking him into the studio, putting on some music, and spinning around in the chair a few times. He feeds him differently, plays with him differently, talks to him differently, and somehow he even gets him to smile for pictures and talk to the camera.

Not everything is a breeze for daddy, though. Sometimes my son gives daddy a hard time and makes him struggle with things that I’ve mastered. So I have to keep reminding myself “he is not me.” As much as I want to teach him how to be Mr. Mom, I have to let him be Daddy. I have to let him find his own rhythm and learn his son for himself. That doesn’t mean I can’t offer help and assistance and advice. It just means I can’t be overbearing with it. It also means that I can’t be a hater when I see daddy succeeding at something I still battle with. And just as my son and I are forming a special bond, he will form one just as strong and just as special with daddy.

The Diary of a First Time Mom: Poems for My Sons, Pt. 1

God Bless You Baby

 Good morning brother

Lets welcome a brand new day

The warmth of the sun peeks through the blinds

And kisses our cheeks

The birds are singing

God bless you brother, God bless us brother

Good morning brother

Lets welcome a brand new day

A day for laughing

A day for play

Good morning brother

Wake up and greet the day

There are new adventures to be had

And mischief to get make

Good morning brother

Wake up and greet the day

Sensual Saturdays’: Video of the Day

Today’s Sensual Saturday Artist is the beautiful Ms. Toni Braxton. She is a six time Grammy Award winner, actress and mother. She has sold over 66 million records worldwide and was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2011.

You Mean the World to Me, 1994

How Many Ways, 1994

You’re Makin’ Me High, 1996

Friday Ride Music


Today’s ride music comes from Drake, here is “All Me”. Happy Friday guys and dolls.

**DISCLAIMER**: Parents please be advised these lyrics are very Explicit.