The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Scandal Thursday called for Desperate Times & Desperate Measures!

So I am sure everyone is still reeling from the events that took place while in ShondaLand last night. From Greys Anatomy and Meredith falling asleep on the bathroom floor from sleep deprivation because of the new baby (we’ve been there, some of us still going through that now). To us bopping our heads but still wondering the significance of the moment when the music director decided to insert “Swimming Pools (Drank)” by Kendrick Lamar. It was definitely a moment.

Nevertheless, we were all anticipating the season premiere of ABC’s Scandal. I just want to take a moment to run through what happened on my Scandal Thursday night.

7:30pm: I stripped the boys down so I could feed them and then I passed them to dad to wash their gums and necks while I prepped their night bottle.

8:30pm: Dad left to watch Thursday night football (The Browns were playing, his favorite team BTW, smh). Anyhoo, the boys and I were watching Scandal Dirty Little Secrets and they started whining so I gave them their 9oz bedtime bottle. They were good, Thing Two even fell asleep but that dang on Thing One began whining louder and louder(I forgot to mention, I fed them Apples and Prunes:(

9:30pm: Both my children were up crying and moaning so I proceeded to change diapers and they resumed playing in the maze that their dad built for them in our living room (blanket palate, pillows, play yard and jumpers to block them in the allotted space).

10pm: They were so unruly I am sure I missed some of the pertinent things that Rowan (Olivia’s dad) said. So I waited and midway through the show during a commercial of course, I proceeded to make another 9oz bottle to quiet and soothe my children.

10:21pm: After drinking 2-4ozs they were both knocked out with the bottle hanging out their mouths. I feel horrible thinking about what I’ve done…over feeding my children just so I could watch Scandal in peace… But desperate times called for desperate measures.

10:25pm: “It’s handled” (Olivia Pope voice)


& Mommy Wins!