If At First You Don’t…

Dust Yourself Off And Try It Again

     I learned long ago that we as humans could have whatever our hearts desire, as long as we stick to a plan. This seems like a very simple recipe to success and ultimately a fast track to chasing dreams, but the unknown factor that most of us will face at some time will be, obstacles. Now these obstacles can face us in many different arenas, it could be lack of ambition, finances, support, guidance, etc. However despite these roadblocks you must inevitably determine how bad we want to strive and reign supreme and that will be the catalyst to concurring whatever it is in life you seek. The course of the last nine years has been treacherous. I’ve had more ups and downs than the stock market in a given quarter and there were many times I just wanted to walk away, but I wasn’t built like that, it’s just not my nature.  So as life would have it, my goals seemed less and less feasible at times, I mean, I was able to accomplish some of the goals I set forth for myself but the huge ones seemed to remain stagnant on my to-do list, not any fault of my own, I mean I seemed to be aligning everything up right, and trying my hardest to excel at them but they just weren’t coming into fruition or so I thought. I decided to type them up, seal them in an envelope and put them away for a few years and after that time had elapsed I would open them up and see if I were still standing in the same place, I had left my goals and dreams a few years back.

     Fast forward to present day, as I’m cleaning out some old papers and what do I come across? That sealed envelope that seemed as though years ago it would determine my fate. Now this envelope is from 2006, let’s keep that in mind. So I open up the envelope and immediately I smile and say “God you worked some things out.” You see, that list that I had written way back in 2006, were miniscule things compared to what I want to do today. They weren’t my passions and hearts desire, they just seemed to be the things that fit me at that moment in my life. They weren’t really things that would make big impacts in peoples lives or mark my place in history. See they were fun things almost equivalent to bucket list goals and dreams. Not to say that they were any less important but they weren’t my callings in life.  I now realize why it wasn’t in the plan to conquer those things, why they seemed to remain so stagnant, no matter how hard I worked toward completing them. Now that I have my true-life plans in the works, I can honestly say that growth and life experiences have both allowed me to witness and strive toward my calling in life. I appreciate those goals and dreams I had back in 2006. Although they aren’t as valid and meaningful to me in the present day, I still want to tackle those things I type up on that spring day. Somehow I want to combine those ideas and dreams from 2006 with my current ones, because I believe that then and only then will I have fulfilled my hearts desire because not only would I have stuck to the plan but also I have finally finished it.