Niv’s Notables: Attached/ Assigned & KNOWING the Difference

Anytime you take someone that God hasn’t authorized it tampers with your destiny. There are some people who are ATTACHED to you others are ASSIGNED to you. The key is knowing the difference. Attached people leach off you and take from you. Assigned people nurture you and challenge your faith. I suggested you chose wisely. #GOBEGREAT

90’s Babies

I promise I have been in a 90’s mood all day. My Pandora is on the Mary J. Blige station and I’ve been rocking out all say at work. I saw this post on my Tumblr and I had to re post on because it gave me life!

To see the whole picture click this link below! 90’s Babies > You!

The Diary of a First Time Mom: Fevers & Diaper Rashes

My weekend started with bath-time with the boys. I moved their toys that have taken a permanent residence in my living room into their bedroom and let them crawl and play in there room. They have an uncanny fascination with the door stops and the noise it makes when they flick it.

Thing 1 is my little cuddle bug hands down, anyway, as I began the process for bath time. I noticed that he wanted to cuddle a little more and wanted me to rock him to sleep and got upset when I had to go bathe his brother. As I am bathing Thing 2 he begins screaming, I noticed that he had a serious diaper rash, it was red and raw. After his bath, I quickly begin to clean it up let it dry and apply A&D.

Saturday evening Thing 1 progressively became irritated and upset. And it went on into Sunday evening, as I’m taking a shower my boyfriend comes in and say “Thing 1 has a fever of 101”. Once he said that I tried to finish washing the shampoo out of my hair and give myself a quick bird bath to see what’s happening with my baby. It was so sad his temp went up to 103, I slept with him all night monitoring him and putting a cool compress on his head while his dad gave him a fever reducer. I felt helpless when he woke up at 2am, 5am and 7am crying and irritated. Plus, I felt even more guilty because I had to leave him to go to work:(

So basically, I have been nursing a horrible diaper rash and a fever struck baby for the past couple of days. Thing 1 is doing better he is not burning up anymore he is back to being happy. But he is still screaming out and talking in his sleep. I think his teeth are coming in. Thing 2 still has the rash, I am nursing it as best I can letting him crawl around without a pamper so air will hit it and I just bought some corn startch last night for powdering. (I’ll keep you posted on the outcome)

Pray for my babies. Lord:(

Niv’s Notables: Walk on Water

Listen, life gets tough but don’t drown in the shallow water. Don’t panic, stay calm and just stand. Because you rock out with the one who has water walking power. Love ya! #GOBEGREAT

What mothers think of themselves vs what their kids think

I saw this video earlier this week and meant to post it but the past couple of weeks have been very busy. I have so much to write and share my plan is to sit down this weekend and get some pieces together. This is for all the moms out there who do not take motherhood for granted, but remember try not to be too hard on yourselves. (Everyday is Mother’s Day:) I hope you enjoy!