Pregnancy in Prisons

“Imagine finding out you are pregnant, but instead of shopping excitedly for stretchy jeans and cute maternity outfits, you found yourself sporting a very different type of pregnancy style…


According to the American Journal of Public Health, between 6 and 10 percent of incarcerated women are pregnant; in one year alone, 1,400 women gave birth while incarcerated in the United States.

So just what exactly is it like to be a pregnant prisoner?”


I read this article and was absolutely blown away, I could not imagine going through this. Pregnancy is scary and complicated enough without circumstances such as imprisonment being tied to it. I understand that if a person does something wrong they must receive fair punishment. But I could not imagine. Especially, if once they have paid their debt to society they may loose their parental rights to their babies. The United States Justice System has MAJOR chinks in it, that need to be addressed. God bless these women and their innocent children. To my sister on lockdown my prayers go out to you, stay strong.

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10 Things you Didn’t Know About Pregnancy in Prisons