Confessions of a New Mom: Cuddle Time

I confess: I enjoy cuddling with my baby probably more than he does.

Mommy-ConfessionsI have heard of moms cuddling with their young children, and I’ve read some things that have mentioned it, but I had never tried it. I was missing out on the wonderfulness of cuddling with my baby, until we visited my home town for Thanksgiving. Being away from our normal routine and surroundings I understood that my child might need a little more comforting than usual. Almost every night at bed time we cuddled until he fell asleep.

Now I never thought that cuddling with a child was weird or strange for a parent, I just had never experienced it. But while cuddling with my son, I actually found it comforting for me. It’s not the same as a sexy cuddle you have with your lover. Nor is it comparable to the comfort you may get from curling up with a family member or best friend. It is intimate, however. But it’s an intimacy that’s totally reserved for your child. This person that once lived inside of you, now finds a place on the outside that only he/she can fill. It’s molded to shape only their body frame, a perfect fit.

It’s almost hard to explain without sounding creepy. But it’s a wonderful feeling from a loving gesture. I’m going to hate when he gets too old for some good ol’ cuddle time with mommy. They grow up so fast.

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