The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: A Child’s Innocence & The World

I was always very leary about becoming a mother because the world is so evil. And quite frankly I am afraid to send my babies into the world when it is time. If I could I would keep them in a bubble so nothing or no one can hurt them. Every week there is something horrible going on in the news involving children, which is why I absolutely hate watching it or reading the articles. If it’s not a shooting at a school, there is fighting at daycares and babies being tossed about in the shuffle or parents harming their babies. I CANNOT express how my heart breaks for these innocent babies. I really cannot. I am disgusted by people who hurt these precious gifts. I am at work literally crying my eyes out because of a story that I read about a mother dismembering her son and using superglue to try to reattach his body part. How could you do that? How could you? I pray for these babies that god has put here. I pray for their spirits and their minds and their happiness. I pray that whoever wrongs a child be punished severely on Judgement Day.