The Come Up

There are sometimes I don’t feel powerful and in control
There are sometimes when I feel shy and withdrawn
Lately I haven’t felt like “me”
Most times I just feel like Mason and Micah’s mommy
But before I had my own identity…
Sometimes among my peers I feel out of step
But being blessed with my sons has made me so much more
Something the world and even I have yet to fathom
I don’t have to yell or scream to be heard anymore
I just need to silence the voices in my head
The ones that tell me I have no control or that I’m nothing…
Just because I’m searching; doesn’t mean I’m lost
There is so much more to me…
I am Ambition
I am Beauty
I am Smart
I am SHE
I can and have accomplished all that I have set my mind to do thus far
Plus infinity
Things that I never imagined…
I’m a long way from 1562 Albany Ave and West Brook Village
But I’ll never forget where I came from
But I’ve always been “different”
More then the four walls that surrounded me…
Greater than any situation that tried to hold me
I still do believe that mediocrity is failure
And when I’m on my revolutionary ish “The Fire” will be next time
To be continued

One Reply to “The Come Up”

  1. I love this! My favorite line “Just because I’m searching; doesn’t mean I’m lost”
    beautifully written

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