The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: A DECLARATION of Independence for Mason & Micah

I actually wrote this while on the plane coming back from the Dominican Republic. It was really weird how compelled I was to get these thoughts out because usually I am asleep on plane rides. But something in me was stirring… The thoughts and feelings written in this piece have been confirmed over and over since I wrote them down. It seems only fitting that on this day when this great nation declared its own independence that I finally share my own document of womanhood and motherhood with you. Please let me know your thoughts and leave comments if you feel so compelled to do so.


It is my responsibility as a mother to keep my sons innocent for as long as I possibly can… While also teaching them that they can dream as far beyond what their minds can fathom and hearts desire. Just telling them that “they can be anything they want to be”, is simply not enough for me. As a woman I have to ascertain my highest potential which I can possibly reach in this lifetime. From education, career to service. It is my job to show them through my actions and the life that I choose to live. Nevertheless, in my pursuit to be the very best that God has designed me to be; I must always remember that these two human beings are my greatest creations and contributions to this earth. I must be a champion for my sons.