Confessions of a New Mom: Toddler = Tantrum

I confess: when my son acts out like the kid he is, I want to react as if he’s an adult.


I am officially the parent of a toddler. And toddler can be synonymous with the word tantrums. My son has his signature fall out tantrum. And believe it or not, even that move has evolved. He used to fall backward, aiming for the floor (hardwood at our home, keep in mind) but hitting his head on anything that was behind him. Now his signature tantrum is laying down on his stomach, face flat on the floor. I HATE WHEN HE HAS TANTRUMS!!!

When he does this, which lately has felt pretty often, I find myself having to take a deep breath to control my anger. It really upsets me, for a number of reasons that I won’t get into. And I believe in the phrase “if you spare the rod, you will spoil the child,” so spankings are a serious thing in our house. However, because I know I can be what’s described as “heavy handed,” I often refrain from spanking my son in the heat of the moment. I’m afraid of my own strength.

Another signature move, which is more popular when he’s in the high chair for a feeding, is to throw his food or sippy cup to the floor. For some reason he thinks this is funny. (I think I can blame Daddy for this one, because when I first witnessed it Daddy confessed to laughing when he first saw it.) I, of course, do not find it funny that I have to clean up an extra mess on the floor, before the dog gets to it, and in addition to the mess on the tray and in the high chair itself.

I recognize these behaviors as typical toddler tantrums. But my concern is, how do I effectively correct them without blowing up or delivering too harsh of a punishment? Because I know that my son understands and knows better I want to react to him as if he’s as old as me, acting like a child. And the most disheartening part for me is the thought and realization that the toddler phase has just begun *blank stare*. #YouMeanThere’sMoreToCome? #LifeWithAChild

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  1. lol….seems like you have this all under control or at least I should say you are aware and I truly believe you will conquer this as well as everything else that comes along with toddler stage.

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