The View: Whoppi Goldberg on Domestic Violence

I saw this article on and I found it very interesting. I personally subscribe to both views. A man should NEVER EVER hit a women under any circumstances. However, a woman SHOULD NOT hit a man either. And if she does hit him first she is just as responsible for the outcome as well. These situations are very tricky because we have to remember that there is always a moment before that is unknown to the public… A moment of being beaten up emotionally, belittled or pushed to the brink in some way, shape or form. These are the moments that in fact causes one to break and loose control. Though none are an excuse, one must still take them into consideration. “Nobody hit anybody”. Everybody needs to leave that horrible situation. I think I can subscribe to both as a woman who has been in semi volatile relationships and as a mother of men. Whom I don’t want to be violent towards the women they “love” nor do I want those women putting their hands on on my sons. #DoubleEdgedSword

Whoopi Goldberg: If a Woman Hits a Man, She Should Expect to Get Hit Back