The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: The Battle of “Mommy Mush-Brain”

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Is it just me or does it feel like your brain slowly turns in to mush after you have children? Sometimes I find myself being very forgetful, struggling to gather my thoughts or articulate myself clearly. Then I stop and say to myself “don’t you have a degree in speech communication, what is wrong with you?” 🙂 I mean does “mommy brain” leave lasting traces, or what?

The #BeyMA’s

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Beyonce’s VMA performance was the “shot heard round the world”. The reigning Queen showed out, performing a medley of her latest self titled album. One thing even her naysayers can say is that Mrs. Carter is, an Entertainer. From top to bottom everything was FLAWLESS. Even down to Jay Z and Blue Ivy presenting her with the “Michael Jackson- Vanguard Award”. To her acceptance speech, which has seemingly eased everyone’s mind about the status of her marriage. Everyone can sleep soundly once again because the King and Queen are still “perfect” and their family is ever intact.
On another note I haven’t spoken to the nasty gossip rumors over the past months. But I will say that I couldn’t imagine having to live the life she does. Constantly, being in the public eye and having people talk about you, your relationship and family. I can barley stand the opinions and comments I receive as a “normal” person. I have to give her respect for the way she handles it or the lack of attention she seems to pay it. It’s a lot of pressure, sometimes too much. I mean just a couple of years ago we ALL wanted a peek into The Carters life. Just to get a piece of them… Just a glimpse into their love affair.
Finally, when they give us a tour, home videos and network specials we find a way to “taint” their offerings by riddling it with nasty rumors and ugly speculation. Celebrities are people, flawed, talented humans who just happen to make a few more coins then us. And I strongly believe we should treat them as such.
Always respecting the work and art that they contribute to the world.
Great job Beyonce Knowles-Carter your contributions musically and artistically have been amazing this far. Can’t wait to see what’s next. And your love for your daughter and your husband is beautiful and it’s refreshing to see that layer of you. Congrats!


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Today’s SS video comes from Teyanna Taylor from her debut album VII, due out October 21 via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam. I love Tey Tey’s style and it’s about time for her to release this music! Check out her seductive video inspired by Eyes Wide Shut and Sin City below. Happy weekend!


Girl Power: Mo’Ne Davis

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In a world filled with darkness, 13-year-old pitching phenom is shinning her light bright! Mo’Ne Davis is the first girl to throw a shutout in the Little League World Series, the sixth to get a hit in World Series history and the first Little Leaguer to get front-page attention on one of the nation’s top sports magazines. “Mo’Ne Davis has become the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in its 68-year history. “

Go girl!

I, Too, Sing America

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by: Langston Hughes, 1902 – 1967

I, too, sing America.

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.

I’ll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody’ll dare
Say to me,
“Eat in the kitchen,”

They’ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed—

I, too, am America.