The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: What every Mom of Multiples carries in her Purse or Diaper Bag

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Being a mom of multiples can sometimes be a trying task. When people ask me “how I do it?” or “is it hard?” I often tell them the truth with a smile and a chuckle “yes it’s hard, some days are better than others”.

But I want to share my top 5 go to items that help make my life a little less stressful while also ensuring the happiness and organization of my toddlers. Consider this the MUST HAVE Survival Guide!

1. Black Sharpe
“Because you never know when you will need to label one of you child’s belongings, either at daycare or to help their sitter/ grandparents differentiate their color coded bottles. Being able to write their names always helps because everyone doesn’t know your system:).”

2. Legos
I’ve found that having any random toy either in my bag or scatter about in the back seat of my car is the perfect remedy for a screaming toddler or two. Putting their favorite little toy in their hand right before their tantrum hits overdrive definitely helps calm them! #twopointsforMommy

3. Animal Crackers
Having these little babies on deck is a sure-fire way to get my sons to cooperate when I need them pretty much to do anything! Always have a snack, it helps distract them. They might even do a little happy dance when you reward them with it!

4. Sippy cup
The sippy cup is and will forever be your go to soothing item. The boys never get sick of having milk or juice at their finger tips. Also, a good tool to help in the cooperation department. (Can you tell that my sons can be difficult at times:()

5. Vaseline
That small jar of magic has proved to be my very best friend since giving birth to two little boys. Because no matter how thorough I think I’ve been after washing their faces and greasing them up. After the sippy cup and animal crackers their faces always end up crumby and dry:(. It never-fails; so I just re-apply! #5pointsforMommy

Hope these work for you like they have for me!