VOTE on November 4th

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Georgia is trying to be very tricky. Long story short I recently moved…changed my voting address and this morning as I am looking to see where my polling place is. When checking I see a flag saying I need to submit additional information to my county registra. They have me down as pending because there “wasn’t a signature” on my change form. (I knew I should have kept a copy). SMH. So had I not followed up or checked I would NOT be able to vote come the 4th. Smh. So, I have to go to the county registra and sign a form. REAL TRICKY. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE. Don’t let this system take advantage of you. #ExcerciseYourRight #VOTEonNov4th

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RIP Oscar de la Renta

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“I’ve lived every day to the fullest, and I’ve had a marvelous time. I’ve tried to be nice to the people I care about, and ignore the ones I don’t. I enjoy what I’ve done.” – Oscar de la Renta