The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Fall Blues

So these past two weeks have been quite challenging. I received a call from my sons daycare saying Thing 2 had a fever of 102. So I went to pick he and his brother up. I knew that Thing 1 would be showing the same signs of sickness shortly because with us, everything comes in twos. I kept them out of daycare the following day. Then the next day I let Thing 1 go back to daycare because he seemed fine and showed no signs of sickness.

Come to find out Thing 2 has a double ear infection so he is now on meds. And doing much better almost back to his silly, playful self. That same day when I went to pick up Thing 1 he was running a fever so needless to say both of them stayed out of daycare (which has been paid in full for by the way) the next day and accompanied me to work. Where minimal was accomplished because I was still the nurse.

Fast forward to today, I receive a frantic call from the daycare saying Thing 1 has a fever of 104.9. (Lord) Something in my spirit this morning told me to take him to work with me; but I ignored it. I rush over to get him and headed straight to the pediatricians’ office.

Now don’t get me wrong I love their doctor but I absolutely hate taking them and getting no real diagnoses or prescribed medicine to treat the (“virus”) illness, and still have to fork up a $40 copay. Now Thing 1 has to be out of daycare for at least 24 hrs. Which means, mommy has to take off from work yet again while his daycare slot has already been paid for. Please tell me where I’m winning:(. Lord heal my kids.