The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: THE CHANGE Rant

Lately I have been wondering if my body ever go back to being what it was before children? Not that I was stacked or perfect or anything like that… But I would really kill to have a defined clavicle bone again! I really wish I appreciated it more when I had it:( (le sigh). However, I am not just talking about the elasticity or toned definition of everything that once was. I am more so referring to the hot and cold sweats I experience on occasion. Really I feel like I’m going through early menopause I’m always warm at the most in-opportune moments. It’s uncontrollable and ridiculous… If this is what hot flashes are, Lord please passover me. I could not imagine suffering through this for the rest of my life.

Freedom Monday

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I’ve admired young Miss Willow Smith since she dropped “Whip My Hair” in 2010! Her spirit is inviting. Here’s her new single “Female Energy”! Don’t let the race get you down.