LifeTime Movie: Aaliyah

So my husband and I just got done watching the Lifetime movie of Aaliyah’s life…

Hmmmm ….. Well, well, well. Lifetime, Wendy Williams. I don’t know which is worse. Lifetime for picking up this film, or Wendy for actually producing it. I swore I wouldn’t watch it, but, well, I did.  Now this is clearly just my opinion but who in the world decided it was okay for Wendy to produce a film detailing the life of one our first R&B princesses’? Like come on now. They must have thought appropriate 90’s wardrobe would make up for the fact that the story line was horrible. Alexandra Shipp is a beautiful girl but the least they could have done was find an actress who actually resembles the singer. If they were going to use covers of her music and have the girl lip sync they could of least gotten someone who looked a little bit more like her.

Now if the family wanted absolutely nothing to do with the making of this film (hence the reason why Aaliyah’s real songs could not be used) how accurate are these portrayals of her brother, mother, father, etc.? We know she had a thing with R. Kelly (or so the tabloids say) and the relationship with Dame was real, but I’m not really buying much else of this movie.

Do you remember where you were when BET stopped everything and broadcasted the news that a plane crash had ended this young stars life? I do. I was 11 years old in VA for the summer and was standing the middle of my sister in law’s living room screen door wide open watching them replay her Rock the Boat video and detail what was then known about the plane crash. No one was screaming at us (the kids) to close the screen door so flies don’t come in, because everyone was in shock. That’s what I remember over a decade ago and I still remember it so clearly.

That’s why to me this little movie (and I say little in the most disrespectful way possible) was such a joke. I would like to like to think that Wendy could have done better, but I would hope that if you are going to document someone’s life you would have already done your best. I’ll leave it at that. #mytwocents

-Elephant Hugs