The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Power Outages and Toddlers

Sunday night we heard a huge boom and saw a bright green light, needless to say seconds after our power shuts off. I was right in the middle of washing, cleaning and getting ready to iron. So this was amazing for me (note my sarcasm). Immediately, I spring into action and find all of our flashlights and locate my family who were calmly sitting in our living room. I then called GA Power and the recording said our power should be restored within the hour so my husband and I were so graciously entertained by out 1 year olds.

Click on the footage below:

M&M video

It’s amazing how happy and entertaining they are despite the circumstances of which they are completely oblivious too. And they could really care less. They got to play with flashlights for the first time and danced and sang until they were out of breath! This one is definately filed in the memory banks!