The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: The Plight of the African- American Woman

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I’ve never really kept the company or had a lot of friends that were NOT of color. So I cannot say that I fully understand the plight of the caucasian woman/ mother. As an educated African-American woman, the ones that I have come into contact with have been shrouded in a cloud of “privilege”. Which society has taught them is their birthright. I’m not angry with her because like myself she is navigating her way through motherhood without a map just as I am.

Nevertheless, I wish I could have the freedom that she does … What I would give to be able to sleep at night and not worry about  whether or not my children will be safe walking down the street.

How do I maintain the innocence of my sons; When the world they live in will one day fear them?

How do you prepare your child for that?

A hemorrhaging society…

Do my sons have to be the token black friend to white children in order to have immunity from brutality and injustice?

Will that protect them?

As selfish as it is at this time. I pray for the mothers that have lost their brown baby boys. I pray that I NEVER have to witness or experience that kind of loss of my child. I pray that God take me first. I know that I would lose my mind.