What is the Solution for Real #Justice?

As the decision to not indict officer Wilson was announce myself, my son, and his father were preparing for my son’s bath time. While I bathed him, out of severe sleepiness, he hugged me, patting me on the back, and then he just held on. Normally, I would return his hug and then release the embrace to continue bathing him. Tonight, I hung on to his hug.

But with the explanation of the grand jury’s decision playing in the background, the question repeating in my mind was “but now how do we move forward?”

How do we move from being viewed as the bottom of the barrel, thugs, servants, violent, animals, ignorant, and undeserving before we even open our mouths or make a move? No really, what is the solution?

During the civil rights movement they marched, protested, sat in, but were still rejected, attacked, hosed, and killed. Out of that a lot has changed, but not really. So now we can vote. So now we are considered citizens. So now we can go to school. So now we can work and get paid and even be President. But we are still being killed for how we look. Is it all lasting generational effects of slavery?

Someone on my Facebook feed wrote “Slavery is the biggest birth defect of America.”

I know so many educated black men and women. I know so many law abiding black Americans. I know and hear of successful black families. But this is not who black people are to the media, or to America.

Our women are equivalent to sex toys. Our men are criminals well before they hit adulthood. Our boys are living targets. And our daughters are objects.

As I sat and grew in disgust from watching the protests and “riots” in response to the grand jury’s verdict, I was saddened because this is why we are viewed this way. But I understand my people’s frustration.

My main question, or concern, is truly, how do we move forward toward progression? Will there ever be a day that blacks are truly considered equal, in every sense of the word and every aspect imaginable? What will it take for this to be a reality? More protests? More lives lost? Do we flee and start our own nation? Do we run and go back to Africa? And some conspiracy theorists believe “they” (whoever they are) have created Ebola and taken it to Africa as a deliberate genocide. But I digress…

Really, I want to know, what is the real and true solution? Many people have been quoting DuBois “A system cannot fail those it was never designed to protect.” So we change the system, right? But in our attempt to do so we are rejected, held back, questioned, and discouraged at every turn. We are given so much resistance that it makes the goal seem impossible to reach. But a complete overhaul of America’s system for justice is many moons away, if at all in any future.

So tell me, what do you think is the real solution?

Until it is uncovered, I will continue to hug and kiss my baby at every chance. I will do all I know and can to protect him from and teach him about the system he will be brought up in. And most importantly, I will pray, and not stop. I will surround him with a loving village that will guide him the right direction; a direction of knowledge, love, and compassion for all human beings. And then maybe he will find the answer…or just maybe he will be the answer.