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“Balance is essential. Family, husband, friends, and YOU need dedicated time to make each relationship work. When your equilibrium is off, you are not at your best. You need to reevaluate and readjust each relationship depending on what stage or place you are in your life.” ~Malaak Compton Rock

Mom to Mom TIPS

Outnumbered 3 to 1: DIY Never Ending Dryer Sheets

My name is Oprah and I have an obsession with Pinterest!! I’m not ashamed not even a little bit. I have over 7 boards and hundreds of pins. I try craft projects, some fail miserably and others I achieve triumphantly. But what I’m about to share is a simple money saver, that no one can mess up.

I don’t usually share homemade or “housewife” stuff but this was brilliant; it is for DIY dryer sheets. I HATE buying these things, but I hate not putting them in my dryer even more. But I’ve found a solution and I’m NEVER going back!

Simply get a container you aren’t emotionally attached too. I just used a Tupperware dish. It needs to have a lid so you can keep it sealed tight.

Fill your container with half water and half of your favorite fabric softener. I actually used more of a 40/60 split (more fabric softener).

Get some of those cheap sponges from the dollar store cut them in half and let them soak in your mixture lid on tight and VOILA. Dryer sheets when you need them.

All you have to do it take one or two out and squeeze just the excess liquid out and throw it in with your clothes in the dryer. It works like a charm. So much so that as I was getting my daughter dressed this morning I brought her closer for a couple extra sniffs.


Supervenus Short Film

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I saw this on my timeline and I had to put it on my blog. It was like a watching a cinematic car wreck happen. The things women will do and subject our bodies to for the sake of “beauty” are very sad especially when we are damaging ourselves long-term. I was just looking at myself in the mirror like “huh my children wrecked my body”, I wish my stomach… I wish my arms were smaller…I wish my breasts were higher…”!

Then I saw this, not that I’ve ever been a believer in plastic surgery nor do I knock those who are. But beauty is not “perception” or “perfection”…”True Beauty” is looking yourself in the mirror and loving each and every stretch mark, wrinkle and arch (or lack there of). While also remembering and cherishing how and why you have been endowed with them. It is only when you amass and are at peace with that will you truly BE beautiful.