Measure of a Woman: The Carousel Ride

I remember my youth. When the spring would come my mom would always take me to the Bushnell Park Carousel downtown. I remember always longing for the warm weather to come because I loved going!

I’ve learned and am a true example of the saying “You never know someone else’s journey by looking at them.” Though I’m still young I sometimes miss the days of my youth. Running the Avenue, Blue Hills and Wilson; just as naive and carefree as I wanted to be. Dripping with the stench of adolescence, no real worries or regard for the consequences of my actions and NO Bills!

Sometimes it feels like I have lived 7 times over.
I’ve seen death
Experienced failing health
Been damn near homeless and missed a meal or two
But I realized; no matter how bad your childhood is or was…

There is absolutely nothing like a carousel ride to restore your innocents. As the horses and carriages go round and round and round the whimsical music drowns out life’s realities. Along with all the worries attached to it… And for those brief two and a half minutes you experience a freedom and you bask in the nostalgia.

Forgotten are the facts of life.
The struggle. Single parent household. Depression. Drugs. Dependency. Alcoholism. Stress and grades. In that moment nothing exists.

Because no matter how bad or hard your childhood is or was… You always remember those good moments that you wish lasted forever. And you learn from the mistakes of your parents and the past and you build your future on the positive memories. And most important of all…
Because the ride keeps on moving.