Sobering Thoughts

There’s no helpless feeling like when your child wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and shaking from a nightmare. And all you can do is try to comfort them, hold them in your arms and tell them they will be alright. When part of you knows that you can’t fully protect them from reoccurring night terrors. All you can do is be there, be their mommy, embrace them and make them feel safe while you have the power too.

Which brings me to my most sobering thoughts as of late; I cannot lie that even with all my education, accolades and community service projects; as a young black mother it’s so hard for me but to feel powerless in the madness going on in this world and against black men. Not that any of it’s new, but I guess before I was a mother of (2) black men it was so much more easier for me to allow myself to be desensitized to it.

All I want to do is protect my sons…