Supervenus Short Film

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I saw this on my timeline and I had to put it on my blog. It was like a watching a cinematic car wreck happen. The things women will do and subject our bodies to for the sake of “beauty” are very sad especially when we are damaging ourselves long-term. I was just looking at myself in the mirror like “huh my children wrecked my body”, I wish my stomach… I wish my arms were smaller…I wish my breasts were higher…”!

Then I saw this, not that I’ve ever been a believer in plastic surgery nor do I knock those who are. But beauty is not “perception” or “perfection”…”True Beauty” is looking yourself in the mirror and loving each and every stretch mark, wrinkle and arch (or lack there of). While also remembering and cherishing how and why you have been endowed with them. It is only when you amass and are at peace with that will you truly BE beautiful.

Natural Girls Be Like!

So I love my natural!  That is a well-known fact to anyone who knows me. I love trying new things and sharing them! So this is a list of my top 5 favorite products.


Design Essentials  Defining Cream Gel 

This product is so awesome I haven’t used another styling cream since I bought it. It is think and rich and perfect to keep moisture in when it’s cold. It doesn’t get New England cold down here in the Columbus, GA, area but still cold enough to need something a little more heavy duty than summer time products. I use this after I’ve washed my hair to do my twist outs and I haven’t been disappointed. NOT ONCE!!


Jamaican Black/Lavender Castor Oil  

I’ve use coconut oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil. But none of those really help to seal in the moisture for me they are just too light. But this stuff does the trick. I still use coconut on my face and on my hands when I take down my twists but the Jamaican Black Castor Oil makes sure that my hair stays moisturized once my twists are dry and ready for take down


Raw Shea Butter 

I just bought some of this stuff when I went home to Hartford last week but after using it once I noticed the difference. I mixed a tiny bit of this along with my black castor oil and apply it to my sections before I apply my Design Essentials Cream Gel and my moisture factor this morning is AMAZE-ZING! I also use it on my daughter’s eczema and it works wonders too but I digress!


Jane Carter Solution Hydrate Quench 

This is another product I picked up at home in Hartford and only because it was on my brothers tab. But it was actually a good buy. For my second day wash and go it helps to wake up my hair after sleeping on it all night. It’s a very light spray but has become a keeper for me! My daughters natural is nothing like mine she has loose curls and it’s also perfect for her hair when I’m trying to comb it in the morning.


Design Essentials Edge Tamer 

I have been using this forever and none of the other’s compare. It doesn’t turn white on me and it does its job FABULOUSLY. My hair is very opinionated and does what it wants, but my edges have no say so when I slick this on there. Not only do they stay put, but they remain that way all day. Yet it doesn’t make my hair hard!! Awesome right? Yes!