Vision Board Party

For my birthday this year I hosted a vision board party. It was my first time creating a vision board and I wanted to do something different for my birthday. Everything turned out perfectly. So here are a few things I’ll share for hosting your own vision board party.

Make sure there’s plenty of room: So I hosted the party inside of my home, which is not that big, but we made it work. I connected a few card tables together to make sure everyone had room for their boards. Even if your guests are not making large boards they will still need plenty of creative space. Make sure there’s plenty of room for each person.

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Food & drinks must be present: you can’t invite people over and not be willing to feed them. For my party I did a brunch theme. Here’s a picture of the menu.

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Be prepared to have plenty of food/snacks because creating a vision board takes some time. Drinks help your guests get comfortable and gets their creativity flowing.

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Artistic expression is welcomed: I designated a station specifically for the supplies we would need for our boards. I had tons of magazines, markers, glue (sticks & hot glue), tape, stickers, letters, ribbon, beads, etc. Encourage your guests to get as creative as possible. The goal is to let their personality show through their board. I decided to supply all of the art supplies and only required my guests to bring their own board. But you can encourage your party goers to bring their art supplies with them.

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It’s an all-day affair: I didn’t expect everyone to stay until the end, meaning when their vision board was complete. But I’m glad they did! If people leave without completing their board, chances are they will not finish it. So prepare to have your guests for several hours. With the girl talk and the snacking and the drinking, it makes for a great day.

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The parting gift: Even though it was my birthday celebration I wanted to give my guests a “thank you for coming” gift. I decided to give photo albums so that my guests could document the things they accomplish throughout the year.

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Have fun with it: One thing that I loved about the party is that everyone was able to help and share with each other. “Let me know if anybody finds a picture of Solange!” “I need a 5.” “I’m looking for the word ‘self’.” “Oh that’s a nice beach picture, can I have that?” Everyone knew the end goal was to get our visions on paper, and we were all willing to help the next girl out. There was much talking, laughing, reminiscing, and good energy flowing through the room.

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I’m very happy about how I celebrated my birthday this year. I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves. And I can’t wait to celebrate my friends’ successes throughout the year.