Make it Count

Some say “a good man is hard to find”, but I’ve also heard that “a good woman is hard to find”. I think both are true, but it’s all about what you are looking for in that “good man” (or woman). Is it someone who makes more money than you can spend, someone who lays it down and does it well, someone who agrees with and does everything you say? Is it someone who takes your emotions and feels them with you, is it all that I’ve mentioned and then some? Whatever your ideal man or woman is like know that no one is perfect everyone is a work in progress. All I know is whoever you welcome into your life, heart, and body should be someone on the same level as you and I don’t mean financially I mean spiritually. Find someone who knows God or will walk with you to find him. A great poet I know once said “so many nights I wish I could go back in life… not to change anything but just to feel a couple things twice.” We don’t get do-overs so make every chance you get with every one you get count.

-Elephant Hugs and Violet Kisses