Being a woman is hard but being a black women is even harder. By societies standards we are probably numbered among the lowest on the totem pole right after black men but right before black children. Imagine that possessing two minorities “woman” + “black” = “Black-Woman”… 

Throughout our lives we have learned how to accept the complexities of not only our beauty and strength. But similar to the black man we have learned, no rather been conditioned on how to walk a fine line. Trying not to offend others with our inner greatness which if released would be too dope and blinding to the world we live in!

It was our hope with the daily “Women in Black History” posts, that you would see and connect to these women of the past, present and future. That you would allow their journeys and narratives to inspire and awaken the potential that lies within you. We hope that you enjoyed them and that you will continue to immerse yourself in the rich history that is the Black Woman and her journey. Stay engaged and create your own legacy for those after you to revel in!

Womanhood is you. Womanhood is everything that’s inside of you.” -Viola Davis