The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Writings on the Wall by a Young Matisse & “Micah”elangelo

Brace yourselves people; I have entered into uncharted territory in the terrain of the “terrible twos”… Y’all my children, particularly my youngest has tapped into his artistic expression and decided to draw on my walls! *Insert exasperated emoticon here. 

The crazy thing is I put the crayon box and all of its contents at the highest point in their room. Where they are unable to reach or climb up to retrieve it. Nevertheless, everytime I turn around Thing 2 has an un accounted for crayon and has already proceed to draw some abstract figures on the walls of his room and the headboard of my king bed.

During one of the snow days last week, I came home to massive drawings on my once immaculate white walls. In that moment, I calmly took off my coat, sat down my purse and brought them both to the spots at which they chose to draw their Picasso. I then explained to them that this was bad and to never do it again (I can’t tell yall what happened after that because I love my children and would like to keep them in my house). 

In any case, they recieved a very stern “talking” to. At which point the tears and screaming insued. I felt so bad because I had to discipline both of them because I had no proof of who the culprit actually was. Thing 1 was so distraught, but I knew it was all Things 2’s doing, which he was later caught red handed doing. 

I can’t even be fully upset with them because I did the same thing when I was little (hangs head in shame). I just want to know “Where the hell are they hiding these crayons? Where is the stash”!!!? 

Pray for me:(