You Fear What You Dont Understand

“You’re scared of me because you don’t control me. You can’t, and you never will. But that doesn’t make me your enemy,” – Superman

This is a quote from Clark Kent in the Man of Steel Movie. Today after watching the video of Walter Scott being shot to death by South Carolina’s finest this quote came to mind. Our black men are hated but hatred is bred from fear. They fear what they cannot control, what they will never be able to control… again. It hurts my heart that this is such a constant reoccurring theme in our country. And it’s not isolated to one region or area. It’s everywhere. A Facebook (and real life) friend of mine posted today that her very young son asked her how to tell the difference between a good cop that will help you and a bad cop that might hurt you. But there is no answer. Their badge looks the same, their cars aren’t marked with white pointed hats or big red beware signs. You just can’t tell.

I see my 16 year old nephew on Instagram in the streets and at parks having fun with his friends and I don’t see a young teen enjoying his youth. I see a piece of my heart who the cops might deem a target if he doesn’t play his cards right. I use to be one of those “no not me” or “not my family” kind of naïve person, but I can’t afford to be her anymore. My brothers, my nephews, my unborn nephews, my husband, my future sons could all be Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Ezell Ford, Oscar Grant, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, or Walter Scott. And what can I do? What do we do?

How do we teach them that just because they can’t control us does not mean they must hate and fear us? How do we eliminate the need for sides that make “them” a bad term? This can’t be life!