Is Immitation the Highest Form of Flattery?

Whenever I would do something wrong that my mom did not like she would never get angry, loud or upset. She is the quiet type, so she would call or wait until I got home and calmly say “Denise (that’s what my family calls me), I have a rit against you”.

Well America, in the words of my mother “I have a rit against YOU”!

Kylie Jenners lips absolutely do not impress me. And I know she is not the first white girl who America has gone completely gaga over for her lips (Artificial or Natural). The problem still remains and then root is neither Kylie nor Angelina. African Americans have had luscious full lips for EVER! But our mainstream European standard of beauty never allowed for these features to be glorified. Not on a black woman anyway.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but America I am not impressed.

What infuriates me even further is this video I saw this morning of various kids, (I say kids because anyone who attempts this is seriously lacking any solid form of identity and therefore still a child), using a bottle of some sort sticking their lips into it and waiting for it to swell so they too could look like Gabriel Union… I’m sorry I mean Kylie Jenner. But hold the phone this wasn’t a video full of young white teens trying this, but young black girls as well.

I’m lost didn’t we just have Black Girls Rock? Weren’t we just reminded nationally how unique, powerful, and beautiful we are? But yet these lost little black girls are trying the next stupid… I mean big thing to have lips like Michele… I’m sorry I mean Kylie? Sweethearts don’t you realize Kylie and the rest of the world is trying to have lips like YOU?? Trying to be YOU?? If no one has told you, YOU ARE IT. And how blissful it will be when you realize this.